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Don't let a college student's first taste of freedom be their last

Going to college is about receiving a higher education. Right? That may be true, but it is also often about the first taste of freedom for many young adults. As a parent, you hope your college student will make the right choices, but that may not always happen. Parties are a part of many students' college experiences, and at least some of those parties may involve alcohol and drugs.

Michigan’s underage drinking laws

If your child has been charged with underage drinking by law enforcement officers in Michigan, you may be wondering what the exact laws are that deal with this situation. We at the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry are available to fight for your child’s rights as well as explain the state laws and regulations for underage drinking.

Don't let alcohol consumption lead to an officer's presumption

The school year is winding down for many Michigan college students. Some are still lingering on extended spring breaks. Others are cramming for finals and making preparations for their summer vacations. People in both groups may also schedule time to kick back and enjoy a night out with friends. Whether you attend a sporting event or get a bite to eat and a glass of wine at a favorite local restaurant, you'll obviously want to do whatever is possible to stay safe while driving and avoid trouble with the law.

Will criminal charges affect your future?

Students in Michigan like your child may not be aware of the long term impacts of having convictions on their record. At the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry, we work to keep both you and your child informed of the possible consequences of convictions and how they could impact the overall prospects of both education and work in your child's future.

What are Michigan’s new MIP laws?

With constant attempts to improve the safety and security of you and every other person in Michigan, it should come as no surprise that many laws go through multiple changes. One of the most recent updates made to Michigan laws was in regards to the consequences and penalties for underage drinkers. The new ruling on minors who are found in possession went into effect at the end of December, 2016, and has left residents with mixed opinions. Here is what WoodTV.com has reported about the changes that have been made and how they can affect your teen.

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