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Michigan family accused of distributing heroin, fentanyl

According to the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor, a mother and her daughter and son are all facing multiple charges relating to allegedly distributing large amounts of heroin and fentanyl to users in the northwestern part of the state. The 45-year-old mother and her 19-year-old daughter were charged with multiple felonies for reportedly picking up drugs from their downstate sources and then selling them across the northwestern region. The woman's son was separately charged in his hotel room for possession of cocaine and a firearm.

Former college professor sentenced on drug and gun charges

A Michigan college professor who was convicted of drug and gun crimes will be spending a few years in jail. On March 5, a judge sentenced the 49-year-old man to a total of three to six years in prison for three separate charges. After serving his sentences, the Canadian native will then be deported. His lawyer says that the sentence is too harsh.

Man in Michigan charged with drug crimes

A raid conducted by police on Dec. 6 has led to the arrest of several individuals, according to local sources. Michigan police have charged three men with drug crimes in Lenawee County. One man in particular has been arraigned and is now being held by authorities against a $175,000 bond. He was scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 15. 

Man facing charges for drug crimes in Michigan

A hearing for a man facing multiple felony charges took a turn for the bizarre when the man apparently insulted the presiding court justice, according to court sources. The Michigan man, who had been previously arrested and charged with a variety of drug crimes, chose to represent himself in court. His actions took the court by surprise, but so far the judge has not ruled on the case.

Michigan man faces multiple charges for drug crimes

A man in Bay City is facing a litany of felony charges after allegedly selling marijuana to undercover police officers. The 50-year-old man faces 18 felony charges for these alleged drug crimes. If convicted, he could face considerable prison time. He was set to be arraigned on the first of these charges in a Michigan court on Oct. 12. 

2 face charges for drug crimes in Michigan

Two people were arrested by law enforcement authorities following a seven-month investigation into a suspected drug ring. A 22-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman have been accused by Michigan police of drug crimes, including trafficking, as well as weapons offenses and other charges. So far, no court date has been formally announced. 

Major bust leads to charges for multiple drug crimes

Arrest warrants have been issued for some 18 people following a massive drug sting in Michigan. Multiple search warrants were executed, leading the U.S. District Court sitting in Grand Rapids to approve arrest warrants. So far, only some have been formally arrested for drug crimes, though the authorities believe they have tracked down the masterminds of the operation. 

Don't let criminal defense be a pain in the neck

If you're one of many Michigan residents who struggle with chronic neck or back pain, you understand how completely debilitating such injuries can be. Sometimes, the only thing that can alleviate pain in such circumstances is strong medication. The problem is that most medicines able to counteract serious neck and back pain are legal by prescription only. This often leads to criminal defense issues for people who innocently accept an offered remedy for their pain from well-meaning friends, and then wind up facing illegal drug charges because of it.

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