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Protect yourself when facing the threat of a drug conviction

You currently face a drug possession charge, and your stomach is in knots. You wonder how this drug charge will affect your future.

For instance, if you end up with a drug conviction in Michigan, you may end up serving time behind bars and paying a fine. And being able to claim certain jobs may be off the table. Fortunately, a few defenses may help you to protect your freedom as well as your future.

The drugs do not belong to you

A defense that those facing drug possession charges commonly use is that the drugs that authorities found did not belong to them. In other words, if police allegedly found drugs in your car, you can say that you had no clue they were there. A qualified attorney will put pressure on the prosecution to demonstrate that the drugs found in your car belonged to one of your two passengers, not to you.

Illegal drug search

According to the U.S. Constitution, police must perform their searches and seizures in a lawful manner before arrests occur. Perhaps police reportedly discovered drugs in your car trunk after prying the trunk open using a crowbar. If the police officers did not receive your permission to open your trunk, the prosecution cannot submit these drugs as evidence. In this case, you may end up having your drug charge dismissed.

Drugs missing

After authorities seize drugs, they usually transfer them multiple times before they end up in an evidence locker. In light of this, it is wise not to assume that the prosecution's evidence still exists at trial. A qualified attorney will ensure that the prosecution can produce the particular drugs for which you are facing a criminal charge. If prosecutors cannot do this, their case may end up dismissed.

Your rights when facing a drug possession charge

If authorities have accused you of possessing drugs, you have the right to vigorously defend yourself against the charge. The prosecution in Michigan must prove your charge beyond a reasonable doubt before a drug conviction can happen. Your criminal defense attorney will strive to make sure that no one violated your rights and that you experience the most personally favorable outcome given the circumstances of your criminal case.

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