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3 factors that could impact your BAC level

You may believe that your college years should be ones that allow you to have new experiences, meet new people and gain a useful education. While this belief is not necessarily wrong, you may wish to remember that these years do not allow you to get away with anything you want. Just because you may have a new-found freedom away from your parents for the first time, you could end up facing a more serious disciplinarian if confronted by law enforcement officers.

One issue in particular that many college students face relates to alcohol use. While you may have reached the legal drinking age, if you consume too much alcohol and attempt to drive, you could face charges for driving while intoxicated. Even if you believe you feel fine or that you have not had as much to drink as others, your blood alcohol concentration level could still exceed the legal limit.

Comparing your drinking to others

Just because someone else has consumed more alcohol than you and has driven home safely, this does not mean that you will have the same outcome. Many factors can impact how alcohol affects you and your BAC level. Therefore, you may want to refrain from thinking "that person was fine, so I should be too."

Factors that impact BAC

As mentioned, numerous factors could cause your BAC level to differ from someone else's. Some of those potential aspects include:

  • Gender: Women often have a lower water content in their bodies than men, and they generally also have a lower level of a stomach enzyme that breaks down alcohol. As a result, their BAC level could reach a higher point more quickly.
  • Body type: Individuals who have a greater body weight tend to have a higher water content, which means that the effects of alcohol may be more greatly diluted than someone of a lower body weight.
  • Emotions: Even the way a person feels while consuming alcohol can impact its effects. If excitability or stress has caused your blood flow to increase, you may feel fewer effects of the alcohol. However, when your blood flow returns to normal, the impacts may hit you harder and unexpectedly.

These factors represent only a small few that could impact how alcohol affects you and impacts your BAC level. As a result, even though you may think you can drive safely, an officer may have drawn a different conclusion if he or she stops you. If you do end up facing charges for DWI, you may want to gain reliable information on your options for defending against the allegations.

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