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Were you falsely accused of DUI?

Though you may always want to do your best when behind the wheel of a vehicle, you may find yourself driving when you are tired, distracted or maybe even after a couple of drinks. You certainly would not consider getting behind the wheel if you felt that your abilities were impaired, but some actions you take while driving could cause other individuals or police officers to become concerned about your state of being.

In some cases, if individuals believe that they have seen a drunk driver, they may alert police to the driver. This could potentially happen to you, and you may find yourself stopped by authorities. If you face charges as a result, you may feel nervous and confused about how the situation came about.

Common signs of a drunk driver

Impaired drivers often exhibit many of the same actions when behind the wheel. As a result, individuals who notice these actions may automatically assume that the person driving has consumed too much alcohol. Some of those actions include:

  • Failing to maintain the correct lane
  • Weaving across the roadway
  • Driving on the shoulder, sidewalks or other areas not designated for driving
  • Traveling at speeds lower than 10 mph below the limit
  • Not keeping up with the flow of traffic due to erratic braking
  • Driving in the wrong direction

Certainly, a drunk driver could easily exhibit these or other signs. However, other circumstances could also lead a driver to perform such acts. Fatigue, a medical emergency, confusion and other factors could contribute to these driving behaviors. While these issues still present dangers to others on the road, they do not warrant DUI charges.

Dealing with allegations

If your driving behavior raises concerns, you may find yourself facing questions from a police officer. He or she may even have you participate in field sobriety tests or other actions in order to potentially determine your impairment level. Because these tests do not have a perfect accuracy, you could end up facing DUI allegations despite your sobriety.

If you do find yourself in such a predicament, having a strong criminal defense could help you maintain your innocence. Though false accusations may leave you feeling as if the entire situation is unwarranted, you should still take your case seriously. Obtaining reliable information from local Michigan legal resources may help you determine your best courses of action.

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