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A robbery charge doesn't have to rob you of your future

If authorities have accused you of robbery, your future may understandably flash before your eyes. You may see your reputation tarnished for years to come, along with the loss of the freedom you so strongly value.

However, even though you may face a robbery charge in Michigan, you have the right to defend yourself aggressively. Several defenses exist in a criminal case involving a property crime such as robbery.

You were a victim of entrapment

Perhaps somebody else pushed you into taking part in a robbery that you otherwise would have avoided committing. In this case, you can argue entrapment in criminal court. Proving this robbery-related defense can be challenging, but it is possible if you can demonstrate that the individual you reportedly robbed essentially instigated this event just so that you would face charges.

You were intoxicated

If you were intoxicated at the time of the alleged robbery, you may use this as your defense. Involuntary intoxication occurs due to actions beyond your control. You must prove that your intoxication took place against your will or that you had no knowledge of another person's plans to make you intoxicated.

You were under duress

Maybe someone else forced you to rob another person by threatening to harm you physically or even kill you. Proving duress can be difficult. However, you can succeed with this defense if you can demonstrate that you had enough fear of being harmed or that you did not have an adequate amount of time to avoid robbing the other party without running the risk of being hurt or killed.

You are innocent

In court, your attorney can help you to prove your innocence by providing evidence that will undermine the case of the prosecution, or by questioning the integrity of the prosecutor's evidence. For instance, maybe your attorney can provide alibi evidence indicating that you were out of town on the day of the robbery of which you have been accused. Simply sparking doubt about the government's arguments may lead to an acquittal for you.

With the many defenses available in a robbery case, your attorney can play a critical role in investigating your case and figuring out which defense best fits your situation. The attorney's goal is to ultimately help you to achieve the most positive outcome considering the circumstances of your property crime.

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