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November 2017 Archives

Michigan woman faces OWI/DUI charges

A two-car accident on Nov. 22 led to the arrest of a 29-year-old woman, according to local police. Michigan authorities arrested her on suspicion of OWI/DUI, for which she now faces charges. She is currently being held at a county jail awaiting trial, though no trial date has been publicly announced at this time. 

Man in Michigan faces ninth OWI/DUI charge

A man arrested on Nov. 1 is believed to have been drunk behind the wheel, according to local law enforcement in Macomb County. Michigan authorities arrested the 49-year-old man and charged him with OWI/DUI - the ninth time he will face such charges. He was due back in a district court on Nov. 14 for a probable cause conference after being arraigned on Nov. 6. 

Cyberbullying is not a harmless offense

In a world where a lot of things are done online, including general communication, you have to watch your online etiquette. Unfortunately, some people tend to think that they can say or do whatever they want, simply due to the fact they are typing on a keyboard rather than confronting people in person. This has created a massive cyberbullying problem, and law enforcement authorities in Michigan and elsewhere have taken note.

Man facing charges for drug crimes in Michigan

A hearing for a man facing multiple felony charges took a turn for the bizarre when the man apparently insulted the presiding court justice, according to court sources. The Michigan man, who had been previously arrested and charged with a variety of drug crimes, chose to represent himself in court. His actions took the court by surprise, but so far the judge has not ruled on the case.


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