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What evidence could work against you in a DUI case?

Though allegations of driving under the influence occur quite commonly, you may never have suspected that you would face such charges. If police file charges against you, you may wonder what grounds they have for taking such action. The decision to level these serious allegations against you may depend on a variety of factors, much of which concerns evidence present at the time of the alleged violation.

Michigan man faces OWI/DUI charges

A 22-year-old man is facing serious charges after a crash involving a horse and buggy, according to local police. Officers in Steuben County, Michigan, were on the scene of the accident that sent two people to the hospital. The driver is charged with OWI/DUI causing serious bodily injury, but no court date has yet been set.

Is it possible to get an OWI/DUI in your own driveway?

Several years ago, a case involving alleged intoxicated driving brought the question as to whether or not a person could face criminal charges for drunk driving in his or her own driveway. In the original case, a man was arrested for OWI/DUI for being behind the wheel of a moving vehicle with a BAC more than three times the legal limit. Neighbors called the police with a noise complaint, and the man was ultimately placed under arrest and charged when law enforcement showed up and found him driving his vehicle in and out of the garage.

Property crimes, such as robbery, can have long-term implications

Being charged with a serious crime, such as robbery, can understandably be frightening. After all, the consequences of a robbery conviction can have a long-term impact, affecting your freedom and your ability to easily find work in the future.

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