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The different types of DUIs

Like most people in Michigan, you likely realize that a citation for driving under the influence can have lasting negative consequences, but you may not realize that there are different types of charges you can receive when it comes to drinking or using drugs and driving. We at the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry can educate you on exactly what type of charge you have received and help you determine the best way to fight for your rights.


According to the Michigan State Government, you can be charged for operating while intoxicated, or an OWI, if your blood alcohol concentration is above 0.08 percent, drugs or alcohol had a dramatic effect on your ability to drive safely, or a chemical test shows that your body’s alcohol content is over 0.16 percent. A charge for operating while visibly impaired, or an OWVI, refers specifically to the fact that your ability to drive a car was visibly impaired.


If you are charged with an OWPD, this means that you were operating with any presence of a schedule one drug or cocaine. A tiny trace of the drugs in your body can lead to this charge, even if your driving was not visibly impaired or affected.


It is also important to note that you cannot operate a vehicle with any level of alcohol in your blood if you are under the age of 21. For more information on the various types of intoxicated driving charges and how you can fight them, please visit our web page.

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