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Don't let criminal defense be a pain in the neck

If you're one of many Michigan residents who struggle with chronic neck or back pain, you understand how completely debilitating such injuries can be. Sometimes, the only thing that can alleviate pain in such circumstances is strong medication. The problem is that most medicines able to counteract serious neck and back pain are legal by prescription only. This often leads to criminal defense issues for people who innocently accept an offered remedy for their pain from well-meaning friends, and then wind up facing illegal drug charges because of it.

Prescription drugs are often highly addictive. You may struggle with such addictions yourself or know someone who does. By arming yourself with as much information as possible ahead of time, you may be able to avoid drug-related problems, as well as some of the legal obstacles that may arise when prescription drugs are involved.

Beware of the most addictive drugs

Even if your doctor recommends a particular drug and writes you a prescription for it, if there's a propensity for becoming addicted associated with the drug, you'll want to be able to make informed choices regarding whether it's the right medicine for you. Here are facts regarding some of the top-listed addictive medications and their possible side effects.

  • Amphetamines may help people stay awake for longer periods than normal. This may be why these drugs are popular among college crowds. Students cramming all night for finals often take such pills to enhance alertness. People who suffer from narcolepsy may also use these.
  • Vicodin is one of the most addictive drugs on the market and is an opiate-based pain killer. Those who abuse the drug often snort, inject or crush it, which can intensify serious withdrawal symptoms for those taking it who try to stop.
  • Also known as Hillybilly Heroin, OxyContin is a time-release drug that does wonders to relieve after-surgery pain and other injury-related pain issues.
  • Many people take Percocet to induce euphoric feelings. However, it's a highly addictive drug that puts people at great risk for serious heart problems. 

These are not the only addiction-inducing medications that exist. The more you learn ahead of time, the better you can discern the appropriate path for your own health care when it comes to neck and back pain, or another bodily injury. Overcoming the physical challenges associated with chronic pain is one thing; facing criminal charges connected to pain medication or other drugs is quite a different story. Even if you have no prior criminal record, it's seldom easy to avoid conviction if you don't know where to turn for help.

One of the best and swiftest means for obtaining criminal defense assistance is to reach out for support from an experienced defense attorney. If you're able to find one that also has prosecution experience, it may help even more because he or she would have insight into the tactics and strategies often employed by prosecutors aggressively seeking convictions.

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