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Auto-brewery syndrome: an unexpected cause of a DUI

If you have been convicted of a DUI when you do not believe you were drunk, you are not alone. A condition called auto-brewery syndrome is becoming more well-known as drivers in Michigan and the rest of the country fight what they believe is a false accusation of intoxication. We at the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry are here to help you determine if you are a victim of this condition with an undeserved DUI.


Most people with auto-brewery syndrome do not realize they have the disease until they have been administered a blood test. CNN states that an overgrowth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or more commonly known as brewer’s yeast, in the gut causes the body to process sugars and carbohydrates and turn them into ethanol, the form of alcohol commonly used to make beer.


Once the alcohol is created, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and the person becomes intoxicated. If you have this syndrome, you will likely be so used to constant intoxication that you will be able to function almost normally without any symptoms, even when your blood alcohol concentration is at a level that would seriously affect other drivers who do not have the condition.


As this syndrome becomes well-known, more and more drivers are questioning whether or not they were legitimately drunk when they were given a DUI. If you feel that your charges were due to auto-brewery syndrome instead of intoxication from drinks, you can fight for your rights. Visit our web page to learn more about how to fight an undeserved DUI.

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