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What constitutes as phishing in Michigan?

As a resident of Michigan who has been charged with behind a phishing scam, you may be wondering what actions are even considered acts of phishing. Though the term is quite common in the modern day, many don't know exactly what it means, or what falls under the Identity Theft Protection Act.

The Michigan State Legislature has a section on their site dedicated to an explanation of phishing and the disallowed actions that are considered to be phishing as written under the Identity Theft Protection Act. Phishing is essentially the act of pretending you're a legitimate company, business or individual and using that guise to get sensitive information out of other people, like their credit card numbers, passwords and so on. This includes running a false web site, or sending out emails directly to recipients with the intention of acting on behalf of a company without their permission.

Additionally, viruses may be employed or settings may be changed on a user's computer in a way that redirects them to this fake phishing site. Employing software that allows this to happen or directly altering a user's settings, either manually or from a distance, is also disallowed under this act.

In some cases, you may not be aware that something you have done is considered phishing. You may even be uninvolved, but if your computer was used for phishing activities, you could still get tangled up in the legal mess. This is why it is so important to be aware of what phishing is, so you can properly defend yourself against the accusations being made against you.

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