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The basics of personal protection orders

Michigan residents who have dealt with domestic violence or assault understandably want to put distance between themselves and their attacker. One way of doing that is by filing for a restraining order, which can provide the victim with a legal way to avoid contact.

The Michigan Courts offers different types of orders for a victim's protection. For example, both restraining orders and personal protection orders are common. These orders are for people who find themselves in a situation where someone they know needs to be legally barred from contacting them, though personal protection orders are geared specifically toward situations involving domestic violence or abuse. This can include in person or by phone, email or so on, depending on the situation and stipulations. The end goal of all protective orders are to make sure a person who feels threatened does not come to any harm at the hands of the one they find threatening.

Findlaw states that other differences between personal protection orders and restraining orders include the fact that the contract is designed to last longer - up to five years or even an entire lifetime - and that certain provisions are included in the former. This includes provisions disallowing contact, disallowing the abuser from standing within a certain distance of the victim, ordering the abuser to attend counseling, ordering them to relinquish firearms, and even possibly ordering them out of the house.

This option is available to those who need more room and space in order to feel safe again. By having a legally binding document keeping the attacker at bay, the victim may begin the recovery process.

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