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Use the law to fight drug possession charges

When individuals face drug possession charges, they must act quickly to ensure their right remain protected. While there are a number of ways to fight such charges, it is especially valuable to enlist the help of an experienced attorney with years of experience on both sides of courtroom.

The most effective defenses against drug charges usually involve using the law to fight for you, rather than fight against you. An attorney with experience both defending and prosecuting drug offenses can offer you a well-rounded defense. Your lawyer will use the tactics and weaknesses of a prosecutor against him or her to protect your rights and your future.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your drug charges might be, you must act decisively to keep your future safe. Drug charges carry some of the harshest penalties of any non-violent crime. Without a strong defense, you may lose years of your life behind bars and face thousands of dollars in fines.

The prosecution has a burden, and you can use it

In this modern age, one does not need to look far to find examples of law enforcement taking questionable action to unfairly punish a suspect. With the growing mistrust of law enforcement, there are more opportunities than ever to create doubt about charges of all kinds. Even if you think that your case is open-and-shut, with some creativity and hard work, a skillful attorney can find leverage and opportunity in surprising places.

It is also important to remember that when you fight for your own fair treatment, you are fighting for the fair treatment of thousands of other individuals who may face unfair charges. There are many reasons why you have a duty to fight as hard as you can to defeat the charges against you.

If there is any silver lining, it may be that your prosecutor bears a burden to prove that you are guilty of the charges you face. To this end, your representation can attack this burden.

You may start by demanding that the prosecution produce the drugs you supposedly had when you received the charges. There are many reasons evidence may get lost, whether because the drugs got lost in the collection process, or taken by crooked law enforcement, or maybe there were never any drugs to begin with. Without evidence, it is very hard for a prosecutor to secure a conviction.

You may also demand that the drugs be laboratory tested, if the prosecution can produce them. If the substance they produce is not the substance in your charges, a conviction is also very difficult.

Get strong help immediately

Every moment that you wait to secure strong, proven representation is a moment that the state has to prepare its case against you. You deserve a fair trial, and, moreover, you almost certainly do not deserve the harsh penalties that a judge may throw your way.

With proper legal guidance, you can rest assured that your rights remain protected while you fight for fair treatment for yourself and for thousands of others facing similar charges.

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