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March 2017 Archives

Use the law to fight drug possession charges

When individuals face drug possession charges, they must act quickly to ensure their right remain protected. While there are a number of ways to fight such charges, it is especially valuable to enlist the help of an experienced attorney with years of experience on both sides of courtroom.

What are Michigan’s new MIP laws?

With constant attempts to improve the safety and security of you and every other person in Michigan, it should come as no surprise that many laws go through multiple changes. One of the most recent updates made to Michigan laws was in regards to the consequences and penalties for underage drinkers. The new ruling on minors who are found in possession went into effect at the end of December, 2016, and has left residents with mixed opinions. Here is what WoodTV.com has reported about the changes that have been made and how they can affect your teen.

Evaluating the Consequences of Internet Crimes Felt By Victims

As an avid internet user, logging into the web can expose you to numerous risks. Since internet usage is widely considered to be a basic fabric of our daily lifestyle, it has become imperative to safeguard personal information from various forms of unethical hacking. Previous laws applicable to physical communication have now been enshrined in electronic communication to keep up with evolving threats. This means it is in your best interests to exercise caution while sending emails, chat messages over social media or even logging into your bank account. When you are aware of your basic rights, you are in a prime position to exercise caution from various forms of vulnerability.

Potential consequences of cyber stalking charges

Logging into cyberspace exposes you to many vulnerabilities and risks. As the Internet expands into our routine activities, it has become part of our physical reality. As a result, certain rules and laws that were previously applicable to any in-person exchange may also apply to electronic communication. This can include any exchange over social media, email and any online forums. In such instances, it is necessary to protect yourself from the potential risks. Knowing your rights may save you from ending up in a position where you might be vulnerable to being prosecuted.

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