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Is your child facing drug charges? You have options

As a parent, there are so many things that can cause your heart to stop out of fear. If you've gotten the news that your child faces drug charges, you almost certainly know that feeling. This is a rational fear, if not a particularly useful one. In Michigan, penalties for drug crimes are still quite harsh, even after the recent passage of expanded medical marijuana legislation.

Like any loving parent, you may be wondering what you can do to help protect your child's future. The good news is that there are a number of ways to fight drug charges, depending on the circumstances under which the charges occurred.

With the fierce representation of an experienced attorney, you have a good chance of having the charges against your child dismissed or reduced. However, it is crucial for you to not waste any time in building a strong defense.

There are several strategies to fight drug charges

In general, most defenses divide into a couple of categories - either the authorities misunderstood the situation, or the authorities acted improperly in the process of leveeing the charges.

Let's assume that your child lives in an apartment. After a particularly raucous party at the apartment, officers arrive at the scene and find drugs. It is entirely possible that the drugs do not belong to your child. If there were many people in the home, any one of them could have brought them and left them in the confusion of the cops showing up. This is one example of claiming that the drugs in question belong to someone else.

Similarly, it is possible that your child faces possession charges when that is literally not the case. Some substances can appear to be illegal drugs, leading an officer to charge your child with possession or intent to distribute. You can insist that a lab test the substance to prove that it is an illegal substance, and that it is the substance in the charges. This also places the responsibility on the authorities to produce the actual substance that they seized, moving the ball into their court. If they did not properly file the evidence, the court may drop the charges.

It is also possible that the officers who made the arrest or some other party in the legal process has not followed proper protocol. There are guidelines that agents of the law must follow, and if they are not followed, a court may throw out the charges, or at least reduce them.

If, for instance, a police officer stopped your child while driving and forcibly opened a sealed area, such as a trunk or locked glove compartment, then that may constitute unlawful search and seizure.

It is also possible that your child has been the victim of unfair treatment by law enforcement. An officer may have planted drugs or acted unethically to entrap your child. These cases are not easy to prove, but they deserve a strong defense in the name of justice.

Get the help you need as soon as you can

Drug charges can derail a person's entire life, impacting educational options, employment opportunities, and ability to rent property. Much further down the road, a person who wishes to foster or adopt a child may be unable to do so if he or she has drug charges on one's record.

If your child faces drug charges, do not hesitate to enlist the help of an experienced attorney who will fight to preserve his or her future and rights.

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