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Dealing with methamphetamine possession charges

The manufacturing and trafficking of drugs are dealt with quite severely by the federal government. Although the sentences depend on type and amount of drugs in possession, the punishment is mostly severe. Methamphetamine is one of the most used drugs in the United States. It is a Schedule 2 controlled drug and getting caught with it can have severe ramifications. It is sometimes used in rare medical conditions, but in most cases, it is a recreational drug used for intoxications.

Being charged with methamphetamine possession could lead to severe ramifications. But defense attorneys may use different strategies to protect you and make sure you do not get a conviction. Most attorneys ask the court to dismiss the case by stating that the search made by law enforcement agencies was done without a warrant. Conducting a search without a warrant is unlawful, and the evidence is thus not admissible in court. The fourth amendment rights of the defendant are important, and cannot be violated while the search is being conducted.

Entrapment is another strategy used to protect clients from convictions. The defense attorney argues that the crime was committed because an undercover law enforcement officer enticed the defendant. In these cases, the judge might give a verdict that the defendant was not the only one at fault. Attorneys try to scrutinize the prosecution's methods in an attempt to sway the judge and jury in their favor.

Being charged with methamphetamine possession can be difficult, so you might need the help of an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will come up with a strategy to protect you against the charges.

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