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What happens if I violate my probation?

Following your arrest, you probably spent a great deal of time worried about how it would all turn out. In your worst imaginings, the judge sent you away for years, effectively destroying your chances of having a meaningful future. However, you were fortunate that the judge sentenced you to probation.

Your probation probably included a list of specific terms explaining what you can and cannot do during the period of your sentence. If you break any of the rules, it is a violation of your probation and can lead to serious consequences.

Understanding a temporary restraining order

If you have been accused of a domestic assault crime in Michigan, you may have had a temporary restraining order placed upon you. Understanding what this type of order means and how you can overcome it is one key to fighting for your rights in court. We at the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry work to not only represent you in court, but also to help you understand exactly what these complex legal terms mean.


The rising wave of college internet crimes

As the internet’s capabilities and society’s dependency on the web continue to grow and expand, the number of crimes performed online are also rising at astronomical rates. College students in Michigan are frequently finding themselves involved in these acts, whether they are unknowingly committing a crime or becoming a victim to one. We at The Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry not only know how to defend you if you have been subjected to a criminal act, but also how to defend you if you find you have committed one.


Don't let criminal defense be a pain in the neck

If you're one of many Michigan residents who struggle with chronic neck or back pain, you understand how completely debilitating such injuries can be. Sometimes, the only thing that can alleviate pain in such circumstances is strong medication. The problem is that most medicines able to counteract serious neck and back pain are legal by prescription only. This often leads to criminal defense issues for people who innocently accept an offered remedy for their pain from well-meaning friends, and then wind up facing illegal drug charges because of it.

Prescription drugs are often highly addictive. You may struggle with such addictions yourself or know someone who does. By arming yourself with as much information as possible ahead of time, you may be able to avoid drug-related problems, as well as some of the legal obstacles that may arise when prescription drugs are involved.

Auto-brewery syndrome: an unexpected cause of a DUI

If you have been convicted of a DUI when you do not believe you were drunk, you are not alone. A condition called auto-brewery syndrome is becoming more well-known as drivers in Michigan and the rest of the country fight what they believe is a false accusation of intoxication. We at the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry are here to help you determine if you are a victim of this condition with an undeserved DUI.


Don't let alcohol consumption lead to an officer's presumption

The school year is winding down for many Michigan college students. Some are still lingering on extended spring breaks. Others are cramming for finals and making preparations for their summer vacations. People in both groups may also schedule time to kick back and enjoy a night out with friends. Whether you attend a sporting event or get a bite to eat and a glass of wine at a favorite local restaurant, you'll obviously want to do whatever is possible to stay safe while driving and avoid trouble with the law.

Facing driving under the influence charges is a current concern for many college students. Some have never been accused of a crime and would like to keep it that way. Others worry that one more conviction would cost them their freedom and likely cause them to lose their driver's licenses for good. Wherever you fall in between those two categories, it's always best to err on the safe side when you plan to share the roadway with others.

Will criminal charges affect your future?

Students in Michigan like your child may not be aware of the long term impacts of having convictions on their record. At the Law Office of Gary Michael Gabry, we work to keep both you and your child informed of the possible consequences of convictions and how they could impact the overall prospects of both education and work in your child's future.

Anyone who is convicted of a criminal charge will face certain long term repercussions for it, even if they're just a student. In the case of your child, they could find it more difficult to get into their school of choice. This is particularly pertinent for those who intent to go to medical school. However, all colleges consider certain convictions to be potential grounds for turning down an application.

Things to know about a drug possession charge

Drug-related crimes are always taken quite seriously. A conviction to a drug-related offense can have an extremely negative impact on both your personal and professional lives. While there are many different types of drug crimes, possession is the most common. Depending on the kind of drug you are accused of carrying, you may face state and/or federal charges.

So, what exactly is a drug possession charge? What are the consequences? How can you defend yourself in court?

The basics of personal protection orders

Michigan residents who have dealt with domestic violence or assault understandably want to put distance between themselves and their attacker. One way of doing that is by filing for a restraining order, which can provide the victim with a legal way to avoid contact.

The Michigan Courts offers different types of orders for a victim's protection. For example, both restraining orders and personal protection orders are common. These orders are for people who find themselves in a situation where someone they know needs to be legally barred from contacting them, though personal protection orders are geared specifically toward situations involving domestic violence or abuse. This can include in person or by phone, email or so on, depending on the situation and stipulations. The end goal of all protective orders are to make sure a person who feels threatened does not come to any harm at the hands of the one they find threatening.

What constitutes as phishing in Michigan?

As a resident of Michigan who has been charged with behind behind a phishing scam, you may be wondering what actions are even considered acts of phishing. Though the term is quite common in the modern day, many don't know exactly what it means, or what falls under the Identity Theft Protection Act.

The Michigan State Legislature has a section on their site dedicated to an explanation of phishing and the disallowed actions that are considered to be phishing as written under the Identity Theft Protection Act. Phishing is essentially the act of pretending you're a legitimate company, business or individual and using that guise to get sensitive information out of other people, like their credit card numbers, passwords and so on. This includes running a false web site, or sending out emails directly to recipients with the intention of acting on behalf of a company without their permission.


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