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Don't let a college student's first taste of freedom be their last

Going to college is about receiving a higher education. Right? That may be true, but it is also often about the first taste of freedom for many young adults. As a parent, you hope your college student will make the right choices, but that may not always happen. Parties are a part of many students' college experiences, and at least some of those parties may involve alcohol and drugs.

Sadly, under these conditions, there could be significant peer pressure to fit in and engage in behavior that could lead to drug use, but it isn't just for partying that college students use drugs. They may also feel under pressure to perform academically and use drugs they believe will help them stay awake or focus better. Many of these substances are addictive as well. At some point, your child may end up coming into contact with law enforcement because of it.

2 face charges for drug crimes in Michigan

Two people were arrested by law enforcement authorities following a seven-month investigation into a suspected drug ring. A 22-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman have been accused by Michigan police of drug crimes, including trafficking, as well as weapons offenses and other charges. So far, no court date has been formally announced. 

Reportedly, the man and woman are believed to have masterminded a drug ring that funneled heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine into the state. Over the course of its investigation, a task force specifically assigned to this case executed eight search warrants that identified some 15 people for distribution of drugs. The 22-year-old man was arrested earlier in 2017 but failed to make a court appointment, resulting in a warrant for his arrest. 

Michigan man charged with OWI/DUI

A high-speed chase with police ended in the arrest of a 31-year-old Schoolcraft man, according to officers. Michigan State Police arrested the man following a prolonged chase involving two separate state troopers. The man will face OWI/DUI charges as well as fleeing and eluding, and several additional related charges as well. 

According to the MSP, a state trooper attempted to pull the man over for reasons that were not elaborated upon in the report. The man then fled the scene in his vehicle, trailed closely by the officer. However, the man allegedly reached speeds of over 100 mph, forcing the trooper to break off pursuit for the safety of other motorists. 

Fraud: a serious crime that merits a serious criminal defense

Some people assume that white-collar crime charges are not that serious in nature. People in Michigan may think that because no one got hurt or they allegedly committed a "victimless crime" that the repercussions are not that serious. In reality, these charges are very serious, and a conviction could have life-altering consequences for an accused.

Fraud is one of the most common types of white-collar crime. If charged with this type of crime, you would be wise to approach your case carefully and thoughtfully. While your situation may be grave, a criminal charge does not necessarily mean that a conviction will follow. Your defense is critical for your future freedom and your interests.

Major bust leads to charges for multiple drug crimes

Arrest warrants have been issued for some 18 people following a massive drug sting in Michigan. Multiple search warrants were executed, leading the U.S. District Court sitting in Grand Rapids to approve arrest warrants. So far, only some have been formally arrested for drug crimes, though the authorities believe they have tracked down the masterminds of the operation. 

The investigation has been going on since spring 2016, with officers reporting the alleged drug ring appears to have circulated "kilogram level" quantities of heroin and cocaine throughout West Michigan. The authorities say they do not know who is supplying the alleged traffickers, but that they believe the drugs are coming via semi truck from the West Coast. The goal of the operation was to disrupt this alleged drug ring. 

What evidence could work against you in a DUI case?

Though allegations of driving under the influence occur quite commonly, you may never have suspected that you would face such charges. If police file charges against you, you may wonder what grounds they have for taking such action. The decision to level these serious allegations against you may depend on a variety of factors, much of which concerns evidence present at the time of the alleged violation.

In order to better understand what evidence authorities may consider, relating to a DUI situation, you may want to gain more information on three types of evidence typically used. These evidence types include blood-alcohol concentration levels, field evidence and driver evidence.

Michigan man faces OWI/DUI charges

A 22-year-old man is facing serious charges after a crash involving a horse and buggy, according to local police. Officers in Steuben County, Michigan, were on the scene of the accident that sent two people to the hospital. The driver is charged with OWI/DUI causing serious bodily injury, but no court date has yet been set.

According to the accident report, police were called to respond to the crash on Ray Road around 9:26 p.m. the night of Aug. 16. A witness on the scene told officers that the 22-year-old man, who was traveling northbound at the time, struck a horse and buggy carrying four people, which was also traveling north. The force of the impact caused all four people to be thrown from the buggy.

Is it possible to get an OWI/DUI in your own driveway?

Several years ago, a case involving alleged intoxicated driving brought the question as to whether or not a person could face criminal charges for drunk driving in his or her own driveway. In the original case, a man was arrested for OWI/DUI for being behind the wheel of a moving vehicle with a BAC more than three times the legal limit. Neighbors called the police with a noise complaint, and the man was ultimately placed under arrest and charged when law enforcement showed up and found him driving his vehicle in and out of the garage.

His arrest sparked a debate, and people wondered if it was lawful for a citizen to face criminal charges for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated if that person was on his or her private property. The case ended up before the Michigan Supreme Court. The court very recently ruled on this case and the issue of drunk driving on private property.

Property crimes, such as robbery, can have long-term implications

Being charged with a serious crime, such as robbery, can understandably be frightening. After all, the consequences of a robbery conviction can have a long-term impact, affecting your freedom and your ability to easily find work in the future.

If you are facing a robbery charge in Michigan, your legal issues can quickly grow along with the financial issues that such a charge can cause -- for example, due to having to post bail to buy temporary freedom. When facing this charge, understanding the difference between robbery and other types of property crimes, such as theft, is important.

OWI/DUI: Michigan man faces charges

A man believed to have been drunk at the wheel is facing serious charges, according to local police. The Fenton, Michigan, man faces some 19 felony charges, including OWI/DUI and second-degree murder after an accident that claimed five lives back in May. If convicted, the man could face up to life in a correctional facility. 

According to the accident report, the 21-year-old man was traveling with several passengers in his vehicle when the accident occurred. Allegedly, he failed to stop for a stop sign while traveling at some 100 mph, causing his vehicle to strike another with tremendous force. Two passengers in his vehicle were killed, along with three people in the other vehicle. Several other people, including the accused driver himself, were critically injured in the crash. 


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