Facing Violent Crime Charges In Southwest Michigan

Assault, rape, weapons offenses and other violent crimes are serious matters, and they're not to be taken lightly. This doesn't mean, however, that the criminal justice system always functions the way it should. In states like Michigan, the system may fail those who stand accused and their alleged victims by unfairly placing blame on those who don't deserve it.

At G. M. Gabry Law, we believe that providing strong criminal defense options is vital to ensuring that justice actually benefits society at large. We're proud to help people present their sides of the story in court and pursue resolutions that satisfy all parties involved. With more than 35 years of experience throughout Michigan, including Kalamazoo and Portage, attorney Gary Michael Gabry is fully prepared to fight for you in both state and federal courts.

The Modern State Of Criminal Justice

Most prosecutors, juries and judges view violent offenses differently than other charges. If you've been accused of using a weapon to commit a murder or robbery, you're more likely to face harsher sentencing guidelines and less leniency. While this is often designed to serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals, it can critically backfire in many situations such as when:

  • You've been misidentified or falsely accused
  • You have a criminal record even though you didn't commit this particular crime
  • You face other unrelated accusations such as drug possession charges

A prosecutor may decide to portray you as a hardened criminal to convince a jury to throw you behind bars or get judges to hand down the harshest punishments possible. At G. M. Gabry Law, our goal is to help you defend yourself in the face of potentially life-altering allegations. We have been arguing cases successfully for decades, and we're committed to the idea that everyone deserves a fair chance to prove themselves.

Using The Law To Your Advantage

Building a case is about more than establishing your good intentions or showing that you have a clean track record. With violent crime allegations, it's essential to provide compelling evidence that supports your side of the story.

Contact a lawyer at G. M. Gabry Law today by calling 269-389-9113 or emailing us online. You should never leave your criminal defense up to chance, especially when the charge involves a violent crime such as murder, robbery or theft. From our office in Portage, we protect the legal rights of people throughout Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan.