Facing Legal Consequences Related To A Student Crime?

Nothing can be more emotionally devastating to a parent than their child being charged with a crime. The situation can result in even worse complications when your child is in college and charges have the potential of not only affecting their status in school but also their ability to find gainful employment in the future.

At G. M. Gabry Law, our lead attorney, Gary Michael Gabry, is a former prosecutor who devotes all his effort to defending people accused of criminal offenses throughout Michigan, including Kalamazoo and Portage. With over 35 years of experience, Gary will fight aggressively for your son or daughter to ensure their rights are protected and help obtain the best outcome for their current situation, as well as their immediate future.

What Are The Most Common Charges College Students Face?

Since your child is an adult, they can legally be charged with any type of crime. Often, however, the crimes college students are typically charged fall into one of several categories mentioned below:

  • Drug charges — Possession and trafficking are more common drug charges college students' face.
  • Drunk driving — Many colleges have a party atmosphere and often nights of partying can lead to irresponsible behavior and operating a vehicle while impaired.
  • Theft — One of the most common crimes on college campuses is property theft crimes. A student in need of money and the availability of items in the open, such as dorm rooms, sometimes proves to be a more tempting environment.
  • Sex crimes — One of the more severe charges faced by college students are sex crimes including rape, date rape and sexual assault. Many times these crimes can be related to intoxication but can result in severe consequences for the student.
  • Assault charges — Intoxication, close quarters and heightened anxiety associated with college can result in aggressive altercations that can end up leading to assault charges.

Many college students are not aware of their rights and how to speak to investigators when accused of a crime. If charged with a criminal offense it is crucial that your college student retains legal counsel so they not only understand the process but are also made aware of their rights and responsibilities throughout each phase of the process.

How Can Criminal Charges Affect Your Child's Future?

While the criminal consequences for your child may indeed be serious — probation, court fees, fines, community service, jail time — a more significant concern may be the impact on their future, both at school and after. If your child is convicted of a crime, they may face other consequences as a result of that conviction such as:

  • Being put on probation by the college
  • Being expelled from school
  • Being denied future government financial aid
  • Civil suit claims
  • Limitations on their career
  • Inability to obtain licensing

If criminal allegations have been brought against your college-going student in the Portage, Michigan, or Kalamazoo area, it is essential to contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect their rights in court as well as with their college or university. Contact us online, or call 269-389-9113 today to discuss your case and make sure your child's rights are protected through every stage of the process.