Telling Your Side Of The Story In Sex Crime Cases

If you have been charged with a sex crime, it can feel like you have already been judged guilty by the police, the prosecutor and your community. Everyone will be fighting hard for a conviction and it may seem like no one is willing to listen to your side of the story. You probably already know that you are facing a very serious situation. However, it is also important to understand that you also have legal rights and you deserve to have someone in your corner fighting for them.

At G. M. Gabry Law, we know that not everyone who is accused of a sex crime is guilty and that there are always two sides to every story. As your attorney, we will ensure your legal rights are protected and that your side of the story is told. We are not here to judge — we are here to provide respectful representation and to fight for the best outcome possible in your case throughout Southwest Michigan, including Kalamazoo and Portage.

Facing A Criminal Sexual Offense In Michigan

Lawmakers in Michigan take a very serious stance on sex crimes, and are constantly revising related laws. Recent legislation has removed the discretion of judges to lessen prison sentences for those convicted of sex crimes. This means if you are found guilty of a sex crime, your sentence is set in stone.

Beyond incarceration, convicted sex offenders will also face many collateral consequences. They are required to register as sex offenders, and the stigma of this punishment can seriously impact the rest of one's life.

While there is a lot at stake, it is important not to give up hope. Our sex crime lawyers can help protect your future and look for realistic ways to mitigate the consequences of your charges. We provide solid defenses for a range of sexual criminal offenses, including:

Respectful Representation For Sex Crimes

If you face child molestation charges, rape or any other sex crime accusation, you need to protect yourself right away. We urge you to contact us online, or call 269-389-9113 as soon as possible. From our office in Portage, we represent clients in Kalamazoo and throughout Southwest Michigan.

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